Demographic Data

Demographic Data

for Insight, Impact, and Equity

Demographic data helps foundations really understand the communities they support, how their resources are deployed and the effectiveness of their interventions. Viewpoint Consulting helps foundations navigate not just the technical challenges of demographic data collection, but the complexities of using this data to strengthen impact and advance equity.

Guidance for the Field

Viewpoint Consulting actively develops and curates cutting edge guidance on how demographics can inform and strengthen philanthropic and social sector impact. The resources below are a sample of what we offer.

To better understand our audience, we'll ask for some information before you can download these free resources. We will not sell your information.

Additional Tools & Reports

For over 20 years, Viewpoint Consulting has managed national, collaborative efforts to support senior leadership in managing inclusive philanthropic cultures and establish sound data collection practices. This work helps foundations strengthen relationships with nonprofit partners, and design strategies to deepen and substantiate the impact of philanthropic foundations.